Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to Use Dropbox as Free CDN for Your WordPress Blog

How to Use Dropbox as Free CDN for Your WordPress Blog: "It works something like this. You will make a new folder inside the Public folder of your Dropbox. Now you should duplicate your WordPress theme folder structure within this folder. Next, copy the URL of this public folder and enter this info in the Dropbox CDN plugin page. Follow these steps:

1) Install the Dropbox CDN WordPress plugin. Click to activate it.

2) Navigate to the Public folder of your Dropbox and create a new folder with the name you have chosen, e.g. cdn.

3) Now go to the Cpanel of your web host and download the entire directory wp-content to Dropbox.  This can be done easily if you could locate that folder from within the file manager, compress that folder and download it. You can then extract that zipped folder into your Dropbox CDN folder."

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Make WordPress faster by integrating a Content Delivery Network

Make WordPress faster by integrating a Content Delivery Network: "Dramatically decrease load times

Integrating a CDN is one of the most effective ways to get your site to load faster for visitors, regardless of location, internet connection, and device (computer vs. mobile device).

This is great for user experience, as data have shown modest increases in site speed to have significant increases in user engagement and time spent on a site. Put simply, users refuse to wait for a slow-loading site."

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Netzer-Matai-Ma'aseh Yadai

Netzer-Matai-Ma'aseh Yadai: "(99) Yom Tov Glaser: "for us all to "accept" someone's essence. The idea being their "essence" is who they truly are. I believe that these days there is a great deal of hatred amongst groups, within communities, and nations. I believe I have heard somewhere that it was "hatred for no reason" that was the cause of the destruction of the 2nd Holy Temple? If one group, community, or nation specifically defines themselves as hating another group, community or nation, then I would think it would be extremely difficult fot the "hated" group, to like the other group. So consider this problem, if group X, exists simply to destroy group Y- (for no particular reason) how can group Y "transcend the natural reciprocal hatred" and not allow themselves simply to hate group X? Setting this up as an equation works""

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Texts & Writings - Jewish Books - Learning & Values

Texts & Writings - Jewish Books - Learning & Values: "Tanya
The “one size fits all” life manual
Text of the Tanya
Text-Based Learning
Chapter Summaries
Concepts & Themes
View all 6"

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Change Your World View, and The World Changes With You! |

Change Your World View, and The World Changes With You! | "I believe that I am a relatively rare combination of being; a dreamer, a schemer, a lover of life. I entertain and cajole and truly believe what I say.
The other thing is that my particular skill set is in great demand at the moment. I am able to write cogently, have a sense of design, can develop websites from scratch using various methods."

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Send with Webmail | Jacob Gillespie

Send with Webmail | Jacob Gillespie: "Send with Webmail is an extension for Google Chrome that sets your webmail as the default handler for email links – no more copy-and-paste or accidentally opening Outlook."

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

dot us (.us) DNS error Website Technology Issues forum at WebmasterWorld

dot us (.us) DNS error Website Technology Issues forum at WebmasterWorld: "Note that .us domains will most often not have "glue records", necessitating an extra DNS lookup. This will happen, for example, if your DNS servers are in the .com TLD.

You can remedy this by using "vanity DNS" to give your DNS servers an alias in the .us TLD. Note that this will also cover the .biz TLD, as Neustar runs both .us and .biz from a common registry.


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